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Classic & Collectible Vehicle Insurance

People who drive classic or collectible motor vehicles are a different breed. They expect things that are authentic to remain as such, and to quantify their love of their classic cars and motorcycles would give you an astronomical figure.  

Lucky for these types of drivers, we can insure your classic, collectible, or unique vehicle, even up to that astronomical figure.

That means that, cars, trucks, motorcycles and everything in between can be insured with specialized collectible vehicle insurance which is specifically designed to fit classic automobiles and motorcycles whose 'real value' or 'agreed upon value' is much greater than their Kelley Blue Book value.

With our collectible vehicle insurance, you never have to worry about having the  actual value of your collectible vehicle paid in full because these plans pay out an agreed upon value as long as the claim qualifies.

Classic Car Insurance:

Low Premiums

the premium rates on our policies are significantly lower than other companies insuring only regular-use vehicles. We go through several companies to make sure our customers get the best classic car insurance — which is a full coverage policy that includes comprehensive, collision and liability — and most importantly the best customer service in the industry all for just one low premium.

Guaranteed Value

We understand that your car means more to you than it does to your accountant. At Virginia-CarInsurance, getting a vehicle insured up to its true value is a simple process.

First of all we offer Agreed value policies, In an agreed value insurance policy, you receive the agreed upon value in the event of a qualifying loss. 

Beyond that we'll even guarantee it. That is, we’ll agree on the insured value, and you’re guaranteed to receive that amount in the event of a covered total loss, Period.

Many other companies use 'Actual Cash Value' or things like 'market value' to determine the cost of your vehicle. These definitions leave the value of that vehicle up to the claims adjuster who can often devalue your vehicle at the time of your claim to reduce costs to the insurance company.

Exceptional Claims Handling

Some of the companies we work with only process claims by classic car owners. That means that we can get you an insurance plan with a company that will be on the same page with you about your classiccollectible, or customized vehicles and the insurance coverage you maintain for each.

We even work with some classic auto insurers who are so great at processing claims that in some cases you can be paid to work on your own car repairing both collision and non-collision damages.

A customized auto insurance policy

The policies we write through all of our collectible vehicle insurance providers are custom. We try to write collectible auto insurance coverage as custom as the vehicles it covers, so that each person has the right car insurance package for themselves instead of selling one cheap-o policy that tries miserably to fit all situations.

Freedom to enjoy your car

This may sound redundant or silly to you, but we believe cars are made to be driven, So we offer policies that allow limited pleasure use with no fixed mileage limits.

Unless you purchase insurance that includes a ' pleasure use' clause, chances are your classic car insurance doesn't actually cover pleasure use. That means that even after paying thousands of dollars on your vehicle and custom insurance, you would not have insurance coverage while driving in the hills with your wife.

Make sure you get collectible vehicle insurance that actually allows you to enjoy your baby instead of turning your American muscle into a trailer queen just because you're scared of a fender bender.

Roadside Assistance

We even offer classic car insurance that includes flatbed tow-truck assistance at an additional charge anywhere in the country. This is important to any car owner whose chassis is too close to the ground to be towed by a normal tow-truck.


Classic Motorcycle Insurance Coverage:

With the success of shows like American Chopper, Biker Build Off, and American Pickers- the hobby of vintage and classic motorcycle restoration has become more popular than ever. With so many inexperienced riders entering roadways already crowded with the car-folk who have never been good at keeping an eye out for them, accidents are a very likely possibility. Let us insure your classic, custom, collectible, or vintage motorcycles at a rate that's affordable to you without sacrificing the top of the line service you expect for your 2 cylinder treasure.

Whether you're a garage gear-head, or somebody who's business revolves around classic and vintage motorcycles, We've got vintage motorcycle insurance coverage so easy, it's practically bolt-on.

We offer:

  • liability, collision, and comprehensive damage insurance plans for classic motorcycles
  • coverage of personal effects (the stuff in your saddle bags)
  • roadside assistance
  • much more...

Unique and Custom Vehicle Insurance Policies:

Here's where the waters get murky. 

There are some unique or "collectible" vehicles that are simply uninsurable. A vehicle must meet certain state-wide safety standards in order to be considered insurable. Those safety standards are based mostly on the construction of that vehicle and if it came from a factory where a car company would've been obligated to construct it in compliance with certain nationwide production regulations. 

If you constructed your unique, replica, or specialty vehicle outside of a factory, which 99% of hobbyists do- then you need to follow the steps in this article by the Virginia DOT entitled,"Virginia Reconstructed, Specially Constructed, and Replica Titles." Getting a specially registered title on your car ensures that the DMV and insurance companies covering your vehicle are aware of the vehicles dimensions and engineering specifications. You may find if you fail to complete this process- that when the claims adjuster comes out to the scene of an accident he may tell you that your aftermarket rear-clip assembly was not installed properly and hence invalidates your classic auto insurance coverage.

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