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Collision Coverage

Collision auto insurance coverage pretty much does what it says- protect you from collision damages. Collision damages can result from either a crash with another vehicle or a stationary object. So if you want to be protected from the financial hardship of replacing your vehicle due to an accident, this coverage is essential.

Collision Costs

When it comes to selecting your Virginia auto insurance coverage options, this is likely to be the most expensive. 

Collision insurance coverage is expensive because car accidents are the most common type of insurance claim, so having collision coverage makes you much more likely to file claims. Like all other insurance coverage, the cost of your collision policy is based on risk. 

for this type of policy driving record has a great deal of bearing on your overall cost. 

If your auto insurance company finds out that you've had multiple traffic collisions (and they will find out), your monthly premium rate would have to be much higher than someone with a clean record in order for the auto insurance company to offset your risky driving under their coverage. One way to offset higher premiums is by raising your deductible.


An insurance deductible is a portion of actual cost passed on to the consumer, which must be paid in full in order for insurance benefits to kick in.

In the case of collision auto insurance, this means that a $500 deductible is $500 that you must pay to fix your car after an accident, in order for the insurance company to cover the rest. 

Deductibles are put in place so that people paying insurance premiums don't just feel like, "I don't have to be careful, I have insurance." If you have to pay 500 dollars every time you get into a serious accident, chances are it's not something you would do every weekend.

The deductible however, is your wiggle-room for adjusting your collision auto insurance coverage premium cost.

High Deductible

A high deductible means that you will have to pay a greater part of your own repair costs in the event of an accident, but that your monthly premiums will be reduced. This is because the insurance company is willing to consistently cover you for less if you're willing to assume more of the financial responsibility for accidents on an individual basis.

Low Deductible

However, if you cannot afford a higher monthly premium then chances are your deductible will be higher. This means that if you don't pay much monthly for the collision coverage of your Virginia auto insurance policy, then you can expect to pay more out of pocket in the event of an accident.


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