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The General

  • SR-22 Filings
  • Instant ID Cards
  • Flexible Payment Options

Since the creation of their animated and moustachioed mascot in the 1990's, The General has become a name synonymous with affordable auto insurance nationwide. 

Their flexible payment options, instant ID cards and low prices on SR-22 filings have set 

SR-22 Filings

One of the most highly sought-after products from The General- their affordable and effective SR-22 filings can help any driver facing the costs of a mandatory financial responsibility auto insurance.

An SR-22 filing is a special type of auto insurance that demonstrates not only current proof of financial responsibility, but also future proof of financial responsibility. These policies cost more to consumers for two reasons: The first reason being any driver who is required to provide an SR-22 certificate of insurance has already demonstrated a propensity for risky behavior behind the wheel or elsewhere, the second reason being that these policies present a inconvenience to the agency writing them.

With SkyBlue insurance Agency Inc. ® and The General however, we can save you money even if you are required to purchase an SR-22 filing and certificate of insurance

Instant ID Cards

Another invaluable service which The General offers it's customers is the ability to print and use their own instant ID cards within minutes of the purchase of their policy.

Many times when a person purchases insurance, they must wait 2-6 weeks for their proof of insurance or insurance ID card to arrive in the mail in order to reap the benefits associated with their coverage. In the case of The General however, just 5 minutes after your purchase of auto insurance, the dependable SkyAgents ® at SkyBlue will e-mail you a printable copy of your auto insurance ID card by The General. You can instantly print this ID card and use it to demonstrate proof of insurance the same day you buy your policy!


Flexible Payment Options


Not everything you buy is a purchase you are excited to make. At SkyBlue we know that paying for your auto insurance is not necessarily at the top of everyone's to-do list, so we work with The General to provide all of the customers they write through our company with flexible and reasonable payment options

You can save money on your policy by purchasing up-front, or raise your monthly payments to make your down payment an easier pill for your wallet to swallow. 



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